Paul Pickering

Paul started at Max Dale’s in 1990 under the official job title of ‘Doorman’ and was offered the position of General Manager two years later. Paul’s natural aptitude for management is also evidenced through the many leadership roles he fills, past and present, in community and business organizations including the Skagit Rotary Club, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Skagit Family YMCA, Skagit Business Alliance and the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce.



Danny Pickering

Danny's interest in the restaurant business began at the age of four when his father, Tony Pickering, started a new career at Max Dale's. Growing up with a dad who loved the creative, social, and business aspects of the industry had a strong influence on Danny, who purchased Max Dale's along with his cousin Paul in 2006. Danny manages Max Dale's along with its sister restaurant, the Stanwood Grill, in Snohomish County.



David Peterson

David Peterson, or 'Chef David,' as his staff, customers, and Facebook fans call him, has been crafting culinary delights since the mid-nineties. As Max Dale's Executive Chef, Chef David brings an innovate approach to food combinations, flavor, and local freshness. His mouth-watering creations continue to draw new fans and long-time patrons alike.